Caspian Fashion Week, Season 9. Press release.

dana Jun5 2019

9. sezona Caspian Fashion Week-a održaće se od 6. do 9. juna u samom srcu Astrakhana, u Astrahanskom Kremlju. Više od 20 kolekcija biće predstavljeno od strane potencijalnih dizajnera iz Rusije i drugih zemalja: ovog puta geografija će obuhvatiti Kazahstan, Francusku, Jermeniju, Austriju i po prvi put će 6 dizajnera iz Čečenske Republike učestvovati u nedelji mode. Zona shov sobe će biti najveća u svim godišnjim dobima. Tamo će biti predstavljena odeća i pribor domaćih i stranih proizvođača.

Season 9 of CFW will be opened by a show of a Russian brand Migliore Fashion that will present dresses for proms, weddings. All the dresses are made of flowing fabrics with the elements of handmade embroidery. The list of participants also includes: kids’ clothing brand L’erede, Russian brand Fashion.Love.Story, graduates of fashion and design school Eva Samer and a young Astrakhan brand Kurkulday. The finale of the 9th season of Caspian fashion Week will be presented by the show of a Chechen brand MADLEN and a group show of pupils of Madlen Design School, a school founded by the designer Madlena Dzhamurzaeva,

Once more Caspian Fashion Week cooperates with the French textile house INDUO that produces stain resistant fabrics due to some special innovative technology. This impressive effect was demonstrated during the last season’s show of white linen shirts and dresses, while this season the fabrics will be presented in a collection of the ambassador of Caspian Fashion week, a blogger Yana Khusnutdinova. Speaking of kids collections, we should mention the facts that the new season of the main fashion event if the Caspian region was declared a Family season: 6 children’s collections are expected on the podium and for the first time in 9 seasons, the spokesperson for this season of CFW is an 11 – year old girl, Kira Lebedeva.

For the first time since its beginning, the showroom of Caspian Fashion Week will be so widespread. Comparing with the last season it has grown twice. The guests will see clothes, accessories, cosmetics and souvenirs from the greatest producers of Astrakhan, Moscow, Volgograd, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Business and educational program of the 9th season is also going to be eventful. Among the speakers there are; professor of British Higher School of Design in Moscow Darya Yadernaya, founder of an online shop Malena Mayakovskaya, editor in chief of a magazine “Designers from Russia” Tamara Rutskaya and a make-up artist Tatiana Gorinovich.

Caspian Fashion Week is a universal business space that is attractive for international political, cultural and business community. During the 5 years of successful growth Caspian Fashion Week has transformed from Astrakhan Fashion Day into a successful platform that unites specialists and influencers from all over the world. Astrakhan’s unique location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia allows to combine styles and their presentation, surprising the audience with exciting podium shows reflecting the flavor of its country or region.

Podium show schedule of CFW season 9

June, 6, Thursday

Migliore (Moscow, Russia)
Ferda (Astrakhan, Russia)
Adelya Kurnosova (Astrakhan, Russia) & S. Abdul Collection (Azerbaijan)
Yaforma (Astrakhan, Russia)

Fashion and design school Eva Samer (Astrakhan, Russia)
Kurkulday (Astrakhan, Russia)

June, 7, Friday

Rezeda Seyukova (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
Benetton kids & Celebrity kids
Fashion and design school Eva Samer (Astrakhan, Russia)
Yorgos (Sochi-Moscow, Russia)

Burda Academy (Astrakhan, Russia)
Converse, Vans, Lee, Wrangler, Havaianas, Dr. Martens, Dva Myacha
(Point) & Yuliya Tsymlanskaya
Lara Dovgalyuk (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
Arollo boots (Austria)

June, 8, Saturday:

Lerede (Moscow, Russia)
Fashion.Love.Story (Moscow, Russia)
Induo (France) and Yana Khusnutdinova (Volgograd, Russia)

EMTY (Karachai-Cherkess Republic, Russia)
Madlen Design Studio (Chechnya, Russia)
Dina Studio (Kazakhstan)
Madlen Collection (Chechnya, Russia)

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