Moderni trendovi u jednoj kolekciji za kraj Caspian fashion week-a

dana Apr25 2018

April 14 was the 3rd day of Caspian fashion week. Podium show by Twinset, Hugo Boss, Aletta (Dolce fashion kids) opened the evening. Floral prints of tropical monstera, trousers with large black and white stripes, strict male vests, sarafans and blouses with ruffs, shining and sparkling dresses – all the fashionable trends came together in one collection.

Caspian fashion week-3rd night

Innovation and creativity were the main advantages of the podium show of the famous American brands Converse, Lee, Vans, Wrangler (Point). It is due to bright colors and oxymoron combinations of classical and sport style, that the collection can be called truly youthful.

Swimsuit and beachwear collection presented by the boutique “Soblazn” showcased the trendiest colors and cuts, elegant silhouettes, emphasizing the figure in full advantage as well as the best quality.

Young models demonstrated bright, colorful, stylish and sweet outfits by Benetton. Looks turned out to be casual, comfortable and ideal for the spring in the city

Roman landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent; the same can be said about this collection by ARMIN BHT (Iran): baroque patterns on the fabrics of dresses and skirts, different variations of plisse on the gentle silk, chest lap pockets on elegant fabrics…

Armani (Alter Ego) is strictness and self-restraint. Simple prints and cuts do not make the collection boring and usual. The designer brings in bright accents such as floral prints and stripes to any look, whether it’s a sport wear or an elegant dress.

Adolfo Dominguez, Silvian Heach (Mondo Italia Gallery) presented feminine and seductive looks with tempting elements, interesting textures and trendy colors.

Milica Trickovic’s collection (Serbia) showcased different variations of black as well as the bold combinations with yellow, lavender and pastel pink. The collection consisted of floor length dresses, cocktail outfits and overalls made of semi-transparent fabrics with inserts of handmade embroidery.

April 15 was the final day of Caspian Fashion Week. The first collection presented on the podium was Alena Goretskaya brand (Belarus). Strict business-best gradually turned into bold drama: the collection was made using the costume light wool of warm colors, seductive polka-dotted Venetian lace, streaming soft fabrics, eco leather and dark heavy cotton.

Arollo Boots (Austria) presented a collection of peculiar handmade boots made of natural leather that were elegant, daring and tempting.

Irina Neibart (Kazakhstan) presented a harmonic and incredibly feminine collection with sophisticated silhouettes, rich textures and playful elements.

The image of a gentle and stately bride by Arina Boganova (Volgograd) was completed with a floral headpiece. The simple design was added by various handmade embroideries and sparkling sequins

Dynamic Guess (Alter Ego) collection is for young, fast-paced and daring people/ и дерзких. Stone washed cotton jeans, variations of jersey, comfortable cut of a shirtdress, lampas trousers that have been trendy for several seasons, stretch chiffon – all of these make city days and club nights lighter and more comfortable.  Auttograph (Ukraine) presented luxurious outfits, their peculiarities being a great number of sparkling stones, daring designs and nice to feel textures.

M.Ziya (Astrakhan) displayed a hijab-look collection with traditional cut according to all the religious canons. The collection obtained a new look due to light textures of natural silk, chiffon, bright colors and rich trimming.

Conclusion of the day and of all the Fashion Week became the podium show of a brand МADLEN (Chechnya). Luxurious evening outfits are easily recognizable among thousands of others. National color of the collection was perfectly combined with modern shiny inserts and plisse.   The next, 8th season of Caspian Fashion Week will take place in November 8-11.

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